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ARE YOU FREELANCERS WEB DESIGNER , PHOTOGRAPHER OR CONTENT WRITER Protect your ideas, time, and make sure you get paid on your terms and be PROPERLY PROTECTED. Need a website Legal Pages ? Attorney Draf Legal Terms for your Online Business .
Add Sleek Widget at any your web page, Force your website visitors to agree to your Terms,.
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Legal Apps offers the Legal Terms and Condition for your website or online Business

Contractpaper.com is a dynamic and growing alliance of experienced technology lawyers, addressing the demand by high tech companies for innovative but cost efficient legal docs . contractpapers offering attorney prepare legal draft to both local start-ups or SMEs and multinationals.We offer a different and innovative approach by bringing the lawyer's profession into the digital age.
.Legal Protection For Your Websites and Business No matter if you are running affiliate sites, business site, review site or any other type of website, You aren’t just some random freelancer, you’re a professional. Which is why some generic old contract template won’t do you any justice.You need to make sure that your website has Legal Pages.

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Pre-built Legal Templates

Lawyer approved legal page to choose from. which overall tend to be more versed in the internet laws etc.

create your own legal pages

Now you can also create your own legal pages or mash up any of the existing Pages to make what you want as everything works off short codes

Sleek Widget

This Moduals is extremely easy to use . Build meaningful relationships, right on your website.

Lockdown Mode

Force your website visitors to agree to your Terms, Privacy policy, etc using our lock down features.


Popup Legal policies or /and notification like EU Cookies policy Notification .

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Follow up the latest news on products and updates! Extra options and new updates came out Regular Bsise! Download and upgrade .


Owing to well-thought solutions that we implemented, you will be able to quickly configure and set up new Pre Define Legal Documents or/and your own attorney draft legal documents
Just upload the zip file, Select type of website and language . fill in your business information to be injected into the pre-made contract paper. choose which contract paper out of the library you want to publish, or add your own lawyers draft terms and condition . click the button and you have your legal pages up! our widget in action check out our widget give it a spin on any website. Module is very intuitive and easy to use. Actions performed on it will immediately apply widget on client side ! (Regular Updates policies-Legal Notification)

Why Need Legal Terms

1.Do you have a contact form on your website ?Then you are collecting personal information (email address)and your website need a privacy policy
2.Do you publish information or advice on your website? Then people could rely in correctly on your information or advice and your website need a website disclaimer
3.Do you sell goods or services through your website ?Then your website must state you comply with sell and delivery digital and non digital things shipping information in shopcart terms and condition
4.Do you allow adverting on your website? Then your website should include additional terms and condition for advertisers
5.Do you allow contributors to post on your website? Then Terms of contributors
6.Do you allow 3rd parties to market to your website subscription? then yourwebsite subscription need to provide an active release.

Web Designer Legal Contract

Attorney drafted contract paper

As a online Persence you have unique legal requirements unlike any other creative. You aren’t just some random freelancer, you’re a professional. Which is why some generic old contract template won’t do you any justice.

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whmcs legal


offers the Legal Terms and Condition for WHMCS USER (Domain/Host companies Run WHMCS ( Most known applications in the web hosting industry ).

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legal doc for online Business

Contract papers for Online Business

50+ different attorney draft documents, general commercial legal documents, employment contracts and policies, publishing agreements, and legal documents relating to IT, the internet and ecommerce. If you can't find what you're looking for, please let us know.

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Free Terms and condition

Free Legal Documents

The documents have been designed to balance ease-of-use with legal sophistication. Many include guidance notes to help you edit the contract paper for your particular circumstances.The contarct are regularly updated to keep pace with changes to the law.

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